Giraffe Corner is a multidisciplinary design consultancy creating innovative
Exhibition design, Graphic design & Illustration.


Kirigami Bee, Private client

Digital illustration

Imagining the Divine, Ashmolean Museum

Columbarium, Warwick University

Wilfred Thesiger in Africa, Pitt Rivers Museum

Platon Kaleidoscope, Waddesdon Manor

Illustrations, Ashmolean Museum


Cracking Codes, Latin Inscription project

Queen of the Night tour, British Museum

Promotional materials, graphic design

Reading and Writing

Memorial Book, Private client

Book design

Bug Building, Natural History Museum, Tring

Life of the Brain, OU Museum of Natural History

Bumblebee, Museum of Natural History, Tring

Multi-language guides, OUMNH, Oxford

Annual Report and Accounts, Pitt Rivers Museum

Invertebrates, Natural History Museum, London

Nature Live, Natural History Museum, London

Creatures & Creations, National Trust

Shen Fuzong, St. Hugh’s College

Exhibition, 2D and 3D design

Lord Walter Rothschild, The Rothschild Foundation

Hindu Avatars, Ashmolean Museum

The Hive game, Museum of Natural History, Tring

China to AD 800, Ashmolean Museum

The Oxford Dodo

Lewis Chess Set, British Museum